Who's J.Sintoni?

J.Sintoni was born March 20,1974 in Cesena,Italy.


Guitarist and singer with a solid blues background, 

he's been leading his own bands since 1995 and been a regular on the clubs and festivals circuit, playing the likes of Pistoia Blues Festival, Black&Blue Festival, Rootsway Blues Festival, Blues River Festival and many others, as well as opening for musicians of the stature of John Hammond and Doug Mac Leod. 


Sintoni has previously produced and recorded the two self penned albums The red suit (2007) 

featured in the ranking of the Top 50 Blues Albums USA that year and A better man (2012) as well as the album by Grayson Capps 

Love songs,mermaids and grappa released on Appaloosa Records.


Relief (2017) is the latest album released on

Good Luck Factory and distributed by IRD. 

Produced by Sintoni,who also recorded the fourteen original songs at his home studio, the album features the Grammy-winning producer and sound engineer Trina Shoemaker behind the mixing console; with its mix of blues,country and folk songs it represents a turning point in Sintoni’s musical career after more than two decades as leader of his power trio.

The long time friendship and musical collaboration with Grayson Capps,the singer songwriter from Alabama with whom he recorded the album Love songs,mermaids and grappa and shared stages and miles,has led J.Sintoni to follow a more intimate research and write new acoustic material.

Technical expertise and care for the songwriting are walking side by side on Relief and the traditional styles are revisited with taste and freshness.

Since 2018 J.Sintoni also tours and plays guitar for the folk rock singer song-writer from Sweden Buford Pope.